• YOÇOR latest creation. Grego dos Açores. To an extremely creaminess yogurt made with only Azorean milk, we added the best fruit of Azor..
  • YOÇOR recently replaced the packi ng of liquid yogurt for a capped bottle, making it easier to drink everywhere. At the same time, YOÇO..
  • This Yoçor yogurt range is made in a tradicional way, which leads to obtain a solid yogurt. Besides the tradicional flavoured yogurts, ..
  • YOÇOR doesn’t stop by making only healthy yogurts. The YOÇOR gelatins, with 0% fat are animal origin and contains natural col oring age..
Yoçor yogurts are made with 100% Azores milk. They are made with fresh milk from Azores only, with his own specific characteristics resultin in flavour and quality. YOÇOR changed her appearance in 2012 and everybody already recognize it. But the most important recognition is YOÇOR be the brand of choice of many Azoreans and more people spread across Portugal.